Property Management & Apartment Complex Answering Services

Telephone Answering answers the calls for thousands of tenants throughout the United States
for dozens of apartment complexes and property management firms. TAS offers property management firms
and apartment complexes a significant amount of control when handling inbound customer and tenant calls.
For instance, service calls can be dispatched via any of our message delivery options according to over 55
different criteria.

Learn More About The Unique Answering Services Offered To Property Management
& Apartment Complexes From TAS

  • Live Answering
  • Maintenance Dispatching
  • Tenant Recruiting
  • Property Manager

One of the greatest benefits of the services offered by TAS is the expanded availability you are able to offer your
customers. The telephone doesn't take a break when property managers are out of the office showing
prospective tenants the property's apartment units, are out to lunch, or when it's after normal office hours.
Telephone Answering Service expands your availability to your customers by providing a live operator to answer
your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most people don't realize that callers are 30% more likely to leave a message with a live person when compared with a voice mail system. Make sure you are maximizing your return on your advertising investment by ensuring that a live person is there to answer basic questions about your property, assist with maintenance calls, and recruit new tenants with one of our professionally trained property assistance representatives.

It goes without saying that keeping your current tenants happy (and in their apartments) is far more cost effective
than recruiting new tenants - even with an increase in the rent. Proper maintenance and prompt attention to
maintenance matters is one way to ensure lower vacancy ratios. Perhaps TAS's greatest strength when it comes
to apartment complexes is our ability to quickly and accurately dispatch maintenance calls. Here are some key ,
features of the property management services offered by Telephone Answering

  • Call Precision - Over 55 criteria are used to classify a call as needing immediate maintenance dispatch
    or if the message can be held for the office when they return.

  • In-House/Outsourced Maintenance Contacts - Whether you are a large apartment complex with your own on site maintenance man, or a smaller complex that subcontracts the work out, TAS can get in touch with the right people to handle any maintenance issue. Based on how you setup your account, we can determine who to contact, at what interval to contact them at, on what means to contact them at, and provide a work/job number for each maintenance call we receive.

  • Lightning Fast Dispatching - In a matter of seconds, maintenance personnel can be on their way to the tenants aid.

  • Manager Updates - Based on the previous day's activities, complex managers can recieve daily reports on any work orders that were created and job status updates. Managers have can access this information online, in an email, or via fax.

A properties marketability depends on key personnel's accessibility. Property showing agents can not always be
available during normal business hours, and are rarely available after hours. Telephone Answering
offers tenant recruiting services that are proven to decrease unit vacancies, increase tenant satisfaction, and
provide a higher return on your investments in advertising. Tenant recruiting provides the following
benefits & services:

  • Tenant Assistance - Frequently asked questions about the property such as apartment availability, rental rates, amenities, and other information.

  • Documentation Delivery - Prospective tenants can recieve virtual tours, complex advertising information, rental agreements, and other property documentation upon request from the call center.

  • Directional Assistance - Property assistance representatives here at TAS can help people new to the area with directions.

  • Schedule Showings - Tenants have the ability to schedule a time to view the different floor plans offered by the complex with a property manager.

Telephone Answering's Property Manager is an online utility that allows precise handling and control
over account information and updates for complex managers. Property Manager allows you to:

  • Update Rental Rates

  • Update Apartment Availablility By Floor Plan

  • Update Maintenance On Calls

  • Update Manager On Calls

  • Upload Advertising Materials

  • Manage Rental Agreement Paperwork

  • Manage Prospective Tenant Contacts

  • Manage Maintenance Work Orders & Maintenance Contacts

  • View All Messages & Delivery Actions On The Account

  • Run Operator Efficiency Reports

  • Create Customized Crystal Reports

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