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Answerweb is an online utility that allows TAS customers to login and manager their account from any internet connection. Answerweb provides three main compenents to facilitate customers in managing their accounts, employees, and messages. Answerweb Login

On Call Management

The days of calling into the answering service to update on call contact for after hours emergency support are past their prime (although this is still available for our customers to utilize should they so choose). Answerweb provides TAS customers with the ability to easily and securely assign on call duty to specific employees with the simple clik of a mouse. Upon saving the information, the systems of TAS are immediately updated with the new on call information. Answerweb removes the problem of operators improperly updating the on call list, which can plague other answering services. For a closer look, please click the images below to view Answerweb's features.

On Call Setup
View Current On Call Information
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Message Management, Tracking, And Storage

Answerweb provides TAS customers with the ability to view, deliver, track, and store all messages on their account. Unlimited message storage from account inception is included free of charge on all accounts. Customers can not only see all information contained on all messages, but can also view all message actions used in delivering messages to the proper parties. With these monitoring tools at management's fingertips, not only can customers keep an eye on the answering service to ensure fast dispatching times, but can also be used to identify potential issues with on call employees.

Message Management - Summary View
Message Management - Full Message Detail
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Operator Summary & Efficiency Reports

Curious as to how your answering service is performing? Many answering services hide their hold times, average call lengths, and other operational information because they're ashamed of the figures. Telephone Answering Service makes operator efficiency reports readily available for the meticulous manager who wants to ensure customers calling in receive the best customer service experience. With Answerweb, customers can instantaneously generate & email operator efficiency reports that monitor operator performance on accounts.

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