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Answering Service Comparison

Below is a comparison of the service offerings of Telephone Answering Service. Options include: 24/7 live operator support answering service, partially automated with live operator option answering service, or fully automated answering service.


24/7 Live Operator Support Answering Service

Pros Cons
Provides Best Customer Service Experience Less Economical Than Automated Solution
Gets Customers Answers Almost Immediately  
Reassure Customers During Emergencies  
Prevents Customers Routing Themselves  
Guaranteed to Increase Sales vs Voice Mail  

Description: All calls are answered by a live operator.

Recommendation: Live operator support is recommend for all accounts as it will deliver the best customer service solution. Customers are looking for quick answers in today's fast paced business world. However, for companies with little or no competition in their area or who may be operating on a tight budget, the parially automated or fully automated solution may be preferential.

Parial Automation - Menu Options With Live Operator Support

Pros Cons
Filters Calls By Type Customers May Push Wrong Option
Cost Effective Lower Level Of Customer Service Versus Live Operator
Provides Live Operator Option For Customer Emergencies  

Description: Callers are answered by a recorded message that presents them with options. Typically, the recording will say something along the lines of, "Thank you for calling <company name>, if this is an emergency, please press 1 to speak with an operator. All other callers, please leave your information..."

Recommendation: For companies without a lot of competition in their immediate area or for companies with a long-standing, dedicated customer base.

Fully Automated Answering Service

Pros Cons
Most Cost Effective Solution The Services No Personal Interaction With Live Operator
Fast & Efficient Call Routing Customer May Press Wrong Option
  All Actions Menu Driven

Description: A recorded announcement answers the customer call. The customer is given the option to press 1 for an emergency, and to leave a message in a voicemail box for non-emergencies. If the customer presses 1, the call can be transferred to a cell phone, or the call can be directed to a mail box for the customer to record a message, and then the mail box will send a page to a digital pager.

Recommendation: For companies with a long-standing, dedicated customer base. If you receive calls from the same customers multiple times over or they have a corporate account with your company.


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