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Third Generation Call Scripting (or 3G Scripting) is a proprietary call processing technology that focuses on all aspects of handling a call from start to finish. 3G is a three tier operating system that guides a live operator through a call, confirms the correct and necessary information is gathered from a caller, and then takes automated or semi-automated call dispatching actions to get the message from the call to the correct individual. 3G Scripting is the most precise method for handling inbound calls and call routing. Readily available references will confirm that of the operators of telephone answering service have handled thousands of calls for their accounts without a single call processing error! One of TAS's corporate account has been a customer for almost 4 years. Over 260,000 calls processed, and only 4 errors. That's an accuracy rating of over 99.997% - unmatched in the industry. If you have a problem with your current answering service struggling to collect the correct information from callers, then switching to Telephone Answering Services 3G Scripting is the solution. Below are just some of the benefits of 3G scripting.


Collect Information According To Call Type


It is best to think of 3G Scripting as a flow chart. A simplistic example would be a company that has two possible call types: Personal and Service. When an operator selects "Personal" call, the script takes them to a "Personal Call" branch, and the script instructs the operator to collect a name, number, message, and which employee the call is for. If the operator selects "Service Call", the operator is taken to the "Service Call" branch, and the scripting instructs the operator to collect the customer's name, number, message, job type, if they are an existing customer, and ask whether or not the call is an emergency. If it is an emergency, the operator will call the on call for the company. If it is not an emergency, the message is saved and emailed over to the office. This is just a simple example of the level of complexity that can built into an account. Many of TAS's clients have scripts that have dozens, and even hundreds, of branches!


More Efficient Call Handling & Cost Savings


3G is the most efficient method for handling and processing calls and call information. The reason is that only necessary information is collected according to call type. If someone is calling in on a personal call, there is no reason for the operator to request an address from this individual. With the majority of answering services charging on a per minute basis, it is crucial to the customer to only collect the information they need. Gathering "fluff", or useless information, does nothing but drive up costs associated with the answering service.


Precise Call Processing


Frustrated because your answering service routinely neglects to get information from a customer? With 3G scripting, as an operator manuevers through the script, there are certain questions that the operator must ask that require an answer. For instance, the phone number is a required field. The operator can not save a message ticket without collecting all required fields in a particular call type.


Dispatch Messages According To Call Type


With 3G scripting, there is no down time for certain types of message delivery. Items such as email, text messages, alpha pages, digital pages, and updating Answerweb, can be done instanteously based on information collected by the operator. These processes are automatically executed by the system when certain conditions are met. For instance, if a message is declared a nonpriority, the only action the system might take would be an email. If the message was declared to be a priority, the system would email and also text message the on call for the company.





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